Digital Marketing

Open doors using the Internet, to attract clients and customers by forming and investing in collaborative, lead generating functions designed uniquely for your product, service, business or organization — a practice area.

Having amazing visual assets available on a website, functional forms, and a great user experience that engages visitors is a standard. However, leaving your dream car in the garage with the doors always closed and none of your guests ever seeing what you have to be proud of will achieve the same results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Time to warm up the engine and then open the garage door.

The website or Internet hub — landing pages, blog posts and the content associated with them need to be constructed in a way that is easy for search engines to find and index every page you want to appear in search engines such as Google and Bing. 

Organic SEO Elements

Internet-published content needs to be written methodically and appropriately according to best practices that are available by using the information provided by search engine providers.  Visual assets such as images, videos and download able documents need proper, semantic inclusions.

The components of SEO also include concepts such as back linking, or link building which is an active, continuous process of acquiring the presence of hyperlinks and properly documented images or files on other top performing websites such as vendor partners, business partners, news media, and social media sites.

Search Engine Marketing

Time to go to the gas station, fill up the tank and show off what we are all proud of already. 

Certified professionals take the allocated budget for website advertising and represent you with businesses such as Google and Bing who provide the major search engines for maximum return on investment.

They will help you to set goals within your budget, operating within the framework of the ad platform that use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associating and directing the type of measurables such as keywords and key phrase performance and calls to action CTAs. Proper assessment and use of paid services will drive traffic to your content, lead capture forms, phone number, downloads, videos and shopping carts.

The work put into paid advertising using search engines is constructed using campaigns set up to coincide with several factors that are interrelated such as pay per click (PPC).

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms include both organic and paid advertising.  The content that is created and posted using platforms on popular social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook also contiunally develops individual best practices to follow. 

Similarities to Google’s search Algorithm (Mufasa! Ok to rev your own engine a little) are both exciting and daunting.  Realistic expectations are always a good place to start. Aligning a company’s capabilities with expected outcomes is vital. Administration sections of the sites provide analytics and certain performance indicators.

Paid advertising within social media sites can be made to work in conjunction with your company website but work well, self contained for objectives such as lead capture or generation.  Organic and paid content is, again, well written for the platform on which it is published, well timed based on industry research on calendar days and times of day where the content will deliver the most  impact and return on investment (ROI).

Common functions of social media

Some of the common functions of social media include direct eCommerce sales, public relations, customer and client education, event promotion, company news. These and many other objectives are fulfilled using quickly digestible visually appealing content.

Press Release Marketing

Newsworthy events — new business, product or service, a major award — SEM for pioneers and performers

Of course all of us are performers, but we don’t all wear animal furs from a hunting trip. The use of all of your internal resources, to publish your marketing assets; the content that you have spent time and money to invest in are exponentially increased by the use of press releases.  A single, well written, press release for any new, or under-represented, company, business acquisition, product, service or event becomes a marketing asset and can include video and other audio and visual elements.

Existing and target markets are selected in conjunction with the types of industries that are appropriate in businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) comprising the audiences we need to reach.

Marketing channels are selected based on the appropriate audience providing that the release will reach. This, essentially creates a path with outlets along the way where stakeholders such as social media organizations, news organizations, vendor partners and industry publications select your press release, associated marketing assets and publish links to the release through their own outlets.

Distributing a personable search engine optimized press release is accomplished by using platforms available through companies like PR Cision™ and Cision PRWeb™.

Analytics & Insights

The dashboard, providing a performance review of the associated engine.

Measuring the overall performance of traffic to your website, social media platform, press release distribution center, includes everything from the source of the traffic, the most popular content, the time visitors spend, where they visit from, and other quantitative data, monitored and recorded by software integrated into each resource is vital.  This data is available on demand and through email reporting delivered to your inbox on a schedule of  your choosing

Single User Interface

Aggregate Internet user data associated with a company’s online presence

There are solutions available that integrate the analytics and insights, and other aggregate user statistics from some of the major social media platforms available within a single login with well-designed, easy to use interfaces.

A disciplined, continuous and timely approach will lead to profitable situations in terms of reach, rankings, traffic, conversions, conversations started in terms of your business’ digital marketing presence.  Bottom line initiatives can be met as well in terms of the support, and supplement to direct sales and word of mouth marketing with online sales.

Human goals equal human results

Digital marketing as a service provides a business with assessment, goals content creation and distribution. These goals are realized with a consistent approach to content creation and delivery of these marketing assets with lead generation provided. Lead generation includes qualified needs from people you can engage with on a personal level. Contact us today to start a conversation about gaining qualified leads.