Document Creation

The business documents that we create and use in our companies flow in and out on a daily basis and, in a lot of cases they do not reflect our brand as strongly as they need to.

Our company’s marketing presentations, promotions and client facing documents that are meant to gain new business or leads and increase sales are thoughtful and well designed. This leaves a gap in the visual assets included within our brand in the form of everything that we create and distribute.

Level up your document presentation

We can create professional documents, such as contracts, billing statements, service agreements and more. This is created within popular productivity applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Applications, or even OpenOffice for word docs, spreadsheets and projection presentations. These documents are created in the following process:

  1. Create and or access the online storage for the appropriate documents to be stored and create the directory for any necessary categories and subcategories.
  2. Populate documents with all necessary, written content
  3. Include the necessary, visual elements of your company’s brand.
  4. Create templates for the documents by redefining styles, forms and macros.
  5. Create and or select necessary icons and imagery within the templates that will be used throughout each document, consistently.
  6. Refine each, available style within the document template, adhering to strong, relevant typography ensuring legibility and brand consistency.
  7. Review each document for spelling, grammar and consistency.
  8. Provide access to the contents of the online, stored documents to leadership and or team members where necessary.
  9. Backup the documents and enact policies to download copies to begin working with to alter for each client or business engagement.

Providing strong, professionally designed office documents reinforces the companies brand and ensures that they will be easily read and understood. This increases the likelihood of signoff and guaranteed contract and client or customer acquisition and retention.