Domain Registration

Registering a domain requires careful consideration of all of the elements that go into the address for your Internet property.  Here is a good list of questions to ask and to have answered for you. some of these are not readily available by domain registrars. This company can help you with the process, intensively helping with due diligence to establish your brand assets.

For my desired domain

Is my (business, organization, market, product, service, brand, or event) name spelled, exactly as we decided, available?

— Business decision makers for brand identity, sales and legal purposes .

Domain registration vs legal entity registration or establishment?

Reasons typing our desired website address into a single text box on a website and making a purchase can be so convoluted include:

  • Internet domains are registered globally, and purchasing an Internet property through a registrar doesn’t require legal business or organization, registration in most cases, beforehand (more later) at the municipal, county, state and federal level and registrars are not bound to deny the purchase of a domain, regardless of the level of establishment.
  • There are other concerns in addition to matching legal entities such as brand identity and digital marketing. Some companies prefer multiple domains for the same content or for brand protection in the future.
  • Ultimately for our purposes, this is our brand and we want it to be accurate and true for our audience. We want all of the assets we purchase and use to reflect what we do or provide, we don’t want to purchase too many or too few and we want it to be protected from competition.

If I choose something other than the exact name for my domain is it inclusive of our vision and purpose for it, now and in the future?

— Business decision makers for brand recognition and digital marketing purposes.

Concerns regarding exact names for your name

Availability isn’t always the only concern when choosing a domain name. If a company doesn’t want to purchase or keep multiple domains or Internet properties for associated content, scalability needs to be addressed. Does all of the content, and all of the services such as email, that a company seek to make available make sense under a given domain name.

This can be especially important when considering a company’s competition related to market saturation. If there are low barriers to entry with a unique product or service, multiple domains may not be necessary. Following are examples for clarity:

Two domain hierarchy examples:

  • Domain: for associated domain services
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Subdomains & landing Pages: or

— OR —

  • Top level domain & website: &
    • Associated domain as a sub-brand of the company: for associated domain services
    • Website:
    • Email:
    • Subdomains & landing pages: or

Domain extensions

There are many options of domain acquisition includes considerations in addition to the industry standard .com which are called domain extensions.

Availability of a domain such as can be substituted by local or regional associations within the address itself, before the extension such as mycompanynamecity, mycompanynamestate or mycompanynamecountry

Another consideration for top level domains (TLDs) that are not available as a .com. These can still be a positive for concepts such as search engine optimization. Commonly known alternatives are .org and .net and the list of extensions has grown to include several identifiers for businesses, organizations, countries and it grows continually.

There are also select extensions that are restricted for acquisition such as .gov which is reserved government entities and .edu which is reserved for educational institutions that are accredited and provide degrees.

Will my domain name be easy to remember when spoken and easy to pronounce or enunciate. When I include it in my print, search engine, email or social media marketing, is it memorable or confusing (can a person read it now and easily talk about it later with limited exposure)?

— Business decision makers for branding and sales purposes.

Are there, or have their been any security concerns such as blacklisting for mail server abuse, or compromise by criminal or unethical activity such as injection of malicious software or other questionable activity.

— Business decision makers and information technology staff for branding, technical and legal purposes.

Concerns about Internet security and negative brand equity before domain purchase

Purchasing and registering a domain includes all of the associated Internet content, good and bad, relevant and irrelevant, that has been published throughout its entirety.

If a domain has been registered in the past but then becomes publicly available again there can be negative brand associations with published content that do not apply to your use of your brand asset. This generally happens by compromised domains or improperly, or unethically used domains and they should be considered.

Where to go from here

After learning some of the nuances that go into domain purchasing purchasing, it is a good idea to use a service — this company does the homework for you.

This experience lies in having knowledge of the evolution of a domain unfolding with regards to identifying and considering all of the various concepts necessary for acquiring a domain.

Brand identity and brand equity are our focus. The nature of this business is in establishing and building on brand assets, positively and accurately.

We can start a comprehensive approach and acquisition domain name from a brand identity and digital marketing perspective. This company is not a law office, it is your design and marketing services company and seeks to help you establish brand assets. In the case of domain registration this has to do with everything that is publicly available, and if necessary and available, how it has been used in the past.

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