Event Production

This service has been created to work with a company in all aspects of event production. This includes maximizing your strengths and providing leadership, organization, planning and procurement of all necessary marketing products and services surrounding the event.

Leveraging almost two decades of experience, providing a clearly defined set of offerings unique to, and a genuine interest in producing the most appropriate event for your needs including team motivation creates a proven process.

Arrive at the surface of event production

Events are planned given specific quantitative data, including expectations and benchmarks throughout the planning process. A comprehensive, project plan is created, uniquely for the specific event and documented from the initial requirements, through to followups and lead management.

This company has experience with the elements of event production and management from the fortune 500 level to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) is both a challenging and rewarding venture.

What should we expect the day of an event?

The following is real world experience showing possibilities resulting from the culmination of work and collaboration it takes to produce an event.

Breath in… relax, everything is in its place. Anticipation has been built and making connections is what you do as a business professional. Speak to people on their terms and provide them with the value of your business, your brand and the people that you represent.

Experience, leadership and involvement in the process of event production from beginning to end starts with conversations. It takes a concerted collaborative effort to present to a live audience. Regardless of size or physical location with a comfortable team having everything in the right place at the right time.

There are a great many truths about leadership, whether it be C-level (Corporate) executives, Company presidents or marketing managers, even entrepreneurs with something new; all believe in a product, service, or idea that they believe in. This is paramount whether the presence is completely using leadership and internal staff or if making the decision to use professional, dedicated speakers and presenters.

As professionals, people believe in us; our leadership and those we lead. We deserve to feel comfortable in our environment wherever we are so we can deliver value for those we represent and speak to. And you are a professional; it’s your knowledge, your belief and your passion .  Your audience awaits.

Speak to people on their terms motivate the team and infuse the audience.

Regardless of the walk of life; that is to say the social, academic or professional background at an event seeking to deliver a message by directly marketing the collective culmination or set of events that brought them to that place.

Real world results from produced events

Different types of thinkers with different approaches to verbal and physical demonstrations and presentations. Some individuals are less aggressive in starting engagements with attendees, but they can be the best resource for us in the way an engagement and presentation develop.

Passive, inviting environments

Other personal attributes such as body language and social interaction within one’s comfort zone can be an inviting and social introduction to those who passively decide to learn more about a business offering beyond the display and collateral.

This at times may not be our client representatives or sales professionals even though that seems to be the normal approach.

Trade shows, expos or chamber events with multiple businesses

Venues normally housing events should have detailed information about the amount of traffic that can be expected to pass through the rented area. This should be a physical estimation of people reflected by the pricing that will be paid if space is to be rented.

Maximize ROI at an event by recording live production and making additional presentations.

Achieving results in addition to occupying the space a team will have takes planning and foresight. This can save you time and ensure the maximum use of your budget to include personnel time and required assets. This means creating additional marketing assets through proper planning including quality images, usable videos and live social media.

Physical event mapping and planning

This can be created with productivity software such as PowerPoint This can also be a professional, environmental design template created by a graphic designer. This can become a justifiable internal, visual asset given the overall cost of physical trade show and event assets, marketing, project planning and expectations.

This includes inventory checklist and a physical layout of all of visual assets that you have such as technology products, booths, banners, personal presentation arrangements, collateral, products and the team members themselves. This should be designed for flexibility and can be updated and referenced making room for last minute changes or aligning to the flow of the event. Time permitting, notes can be recorded inside of the template and reproduced. This can even be handled remotely, or by dedicated staff based on conversations and attendee behaviors.

This template or presentation should include rented space and asset layout, flow diagrams, team roles and objectives, motivation and a summary of the overall project plan to include production and follow-up. A template is nice here so that metrics for future events can be applied and presented to the team.

Make sure presentations are accessible with mobile devices as a reference for the day of the event. Laptops, TV’s, projectors and other tech products are event better.

Another inclusion for team morale can include area restaurants and simple attractions that a team can use for stress relief and morale especially if the event is a considerable distance from homes.

Regardless of a position or a title within a business or organization, people have one thing in common. This is work ethic. Product and service knowledge, the passion that drives professionals to do and talk about business are experiences learned and collaborated. Opportunities to have a resonating, repeatable message are delivered by taking advantage of the time and resources available that exist in real time.

Passively collect information at your events to repurpose for Internet media.

Events within the event at trade shows, In-store events and other live events will give us insight for event performance with indicators. Capturing some events can be repurposed, for every ongoing presentation that your people use to strengthen your brand and your vision.

Knowing who presents well, adjusting throughout the event.

Body language; responsiveness within conversations are important, even with our team members who are less conversational but know the business.

There is valuable insight to people who find this personality type to be more approachable. Every interaction is a repeated, interactive presentation that improves. Passively record one or some of these interactions from this type of a team member.

Their confidence should improve throughout your event and the way they react to the potential client or consumer of your brand instead of immediately projecting messaging or demonstration to them.

When attendees turn into clients or customers based on team presentations, they become a part of a brand and this is essential if not the crux of the beginning of loyalty.

There are virtually infinite possibilities when considering where to distribute video
— beforehand pause and harness the inner creative.

Using our technology products, videos can be produced and distributed, even immediately with live feeds. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ corporate and business websites and landing pages.

The best value is to take the best presentations from our team and make them better. Professional equipment could distract from events with multiple business presences and mobile technology can still give website quality videos in some situations.

The value added here is to think like an art director while collecting the passive information. You have paid attention to team members that are giving good presentations. They will be reacting to what others seek to receive by choosing them as the most approachable marketers.

Taking time and using technology to its fullest to capture, the event within your event. Pay attention to things like composition, focus on the presenter. Have the presentations planned beforehand as a part of the PowerPoint or presentation with the physical booth layout and take advantage of the aesthetics an visual assets.

Also, as opposed to directing the individuals as an art director would do, be a silent partner. Don’t alert your team when you start capturing with video as you won’t be able to capture the purest interactions.

Review your video, take advantage of your company’s channels and publish.

Marketing services can incorporate visual brand elements into the video and adjust improving quality. The most intimately effective presentation by your team member is the key element. It should remain at the forefront without too many included design elements or CTAs within the video itself. These elements can be included with the landing pages surrounding your video.

Remember the brand superhero, our presenter is the main focus and not your company logo or text that you use as layers within the video. Keeping multiple versions of the video can serve the company best. One with included visual and text elements and one without. Included text or graphics should be polite inclusions and not a disruptive segue and are best introduced, programmatically using the channel publishing platform.

Exceptions do exist, such as press releases where you include visual, and other communications elements to be picked up by news agencies, channel influencers. Again, good design is a must in these cases whether handled in house or through services.

Using your marketing channels, distribute the most honest versions of your directly marketed brand including product or service knowledge, leveraging presentations. These can become powerful and be as usable as that any corporation can.

Make sure with any public facing or Internet published media you use to include the keywords that your video covers appropriately that the software included within the publishing platform will allow. This includes keyword hashtags, descriptions, and all appropriate semantic inclusions within markup if available.

Repeat the conversation in a written, editorial format, under the video if it is going to be published as a landing page within your marketing outlets.

Using equipment and resources that most small-to-medium businesses posses or have access to we have demonstrated adding ROI to small business events that can have the same impact as larger or enterprise businesses have. Start a chat or call today to ask questions or start planning and producing an event.