Website Design

Our company’s hub for Internet activity — our experience produced refined and shared with the masses, best attracting those like us — a marketing practice area.

The website is a hub

The Internet can be viewed as a virtual representation of our physical environment — places where we work and live.

An intuitive approach to collecting all of our ideas and communicating in real time with media and thoughtful interactions will create a great place to be. It will be designed for people like us.

Powerful software, powerful security

Internet software is designed, updated and secured every day of our lives to make what we do more effective, more engaging and more secure. Truly functional websites include software that provides an inclusive experience of the presences we have on the web, securely integrated.

There are careful and thoughtful solutions that fit the economy of any size of business as well. Website design, as a practice area of marketing, uses best available solutions including all of these necessities to provide a safe, functional environment to present and collect information and track usage.

Internal workflow design

Design and software solutions also allow us to improve workflow, internally. It is a powerful ability to be able to improve efficiency — create and collect data, store and disseminate accurately and in a timely manner.

These solutions exist to make critical data easy to create and easy to use internally and for clients and customers.

Lead generation

The marketing practice of website design includes vital elements to ensure that a website is both a lead generation platform and a resonating experience.

Website structure and architecture of any particular landing page on the web should be created to be easily machine-readable for search engines. Essentially we need all of our places on the Internet to be healthy and well built.

Careful planning, campaign management complete with scheduling and editorial practices are all available through a well-designed website. Your company’s well-crafted content and messaging will be curated in a way that will lead visitors through to the goal of calling, filling out forms, downloading documents, watching videos, making purchases and other events that open doors.

Designing for the experience

Experience includes creating the hierarchy of each page and presentation area. Careful consideration and weighting of concepts, wireframing or creating mockups — these are great tools to align function with form and save time reworking concepts.

Responsive (Responsible) Design

Responsive website design relies on a careful application of percentages, image optimization and creativity within the structure of an online presentation to produce a consistent and appealing experience regardless of the technology products — phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

A continual education and application of the technology behind website design produces commonsense experiences. Responsive website design should not be an add-on nor an upgrade for any new website. It is the standard for presenting to the greatest number.

Visual communications

This is some of the best, the visual appeal and the eye-catching strength of a brand. It takes strong use of typography, beautiful layouts, and flow, thoughtful and relevant graphic design elements — these affect our online audience with pause, tell stories and create action.

Our plan — putting this all together or finding a starting point

Creating a plan of action includes discussion, action items, project planning, meetings and a fluid work schedule. Much of this is already in place for us so we just need to work together to appropriately decide on the goals we need to accomplish with the website. Conversation is always welcome and some discovery can be complementary as well. The goal is to set up a company with a solution. Start a chat, send a message or call (417) 296-5927.