Direct Mail

Receiving printed pieces in the mail on a daily basis has a time allotment not much different than a Internet advertising. We continually throw away “junk mail” and dismiss presentations that aren’t timely and relevant.

In terms of direct mail, we know advertising dollars will be thrown away and much of that is based on market placement both geographic and by need. With the remaining marketing elements being visual and written communications, the physical design of each mailed piece has to be well designed and relevant to maximize exposure. Prominent design is needed not only to reach the correct business or residential address but the right individual.

An experienced engagement selecting the correct marketing business, with end-to-end knowledge of the creative and production graphic design processes, is necessary. This will provide the right printed mail products to be delivered on behalf of a business or organization on time. Each phase will be handled according to the campaign schedule and will leverage multiple decades of experience with multiple types of printing vendors and mailing services.